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Region: Piedmont
Producer: Distillerie Francoli
Alcohol Base: Sugar Beets
Alcohol: 16%
Distillation Tank: Copper
Aging Tank: Stainless Steel
Length of Aging Before Bottling: Over 3 Months

Aperitivo D'Amante


Francoli Bitter Aperitivo is created from the infusion of selected aromatic plants in water based solution for 3 weeks. The recipe includes sweet orange, bitter orange, rhubarb, cascarilla, cinchona, and other secret ingredients. Aroma and taste are delicately balanced to showcase the main ingredients.

Tasting Notes

Aroma has notes of citrus and cut grass. Herbal taste with woody notes, round and soft with an aftertaste of orange.

Drink Recipes

Excellent in Negroni and Spritz.


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