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Varietal Composition: 100% Pinot Grigio
Alcohol Content: 12%
Soil Composition: Clay and silt
Training Method: Sylvoz
Elevation: 40mt
Exposure: South-East
Harvest Time: Late August
Fermentation Container: Stainless Steel
Length of Alcoholic Fermentation: 20 Days
Malolactic Fermentation: None
Type of Aging Container: Stainless Steel
Type of Oak: None
Length of Aging Before Bottling: 2 Months
Length of Bottle Aging: 1 Month
The producers of I Masoletti boasts over 30 years of activity as a prestigious bearer of wine-growing culture and heritage of Eastern Veneto. They have a love for the traditional art of vinification.

I Masoletti Pinot Grigio

Wine Description

Pinot Grigio is a grape of French origin, where it is known as Pinot Gris. At first, the French attempted to plant the Pinot Gris in very cold Piedmont before moving to the Veneto. I Masoletti is the true expression of Pinot Grigio. It has an excellently balanced acidity.

Tasting Notes

Distinctive and prestigious wine. Straw yellow in color with a stylish and pleasantly fruity bouquet. A well-orchestrated flavor with notes of apple and peach. The fruit is offset by a well-balanced acidity. There is a gentle mineral quality and a unique medium body with a wide spectrum of texture. Food Pairings Perfect with fresh vegetables, light soups, and egg-based courses. An ideal partner for seafood and shellfish.


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