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About Francoli U.S.A.



At Francoli USA, we take pride in all we do.  From the quality assurance of our products to educating sales teams, proprietors, and consumers on our exceptional portfolio.  Being a native Italian, I take a personal interest in importing and providing only the best.  Our products can be enjoyed not only with Italian cuisine but with many American and international dishes as well.  I hope you become as passionate about our products as we are. - Nicola Angiuli, President

Amici e vini sono meglio vecchi - Friends and wines improve with age

Amici e vini

Francoli USA is one of the leading importers and suppliers of fine Italian wine and spirits in the United States.  Headquartered in Orange, California with bi-coastal warehouses, Francoli USA boasts a broad portfolio of exquisite Italian wines and spirits.  Our expertise and passion for providing quality products for the ultimate dining and entertaining experience set us apart. Every product we offer is hand selected after a methodical tasting process at the Producers’ distillery and vineyard in Italy.  Our consumers set the standard high. We set our standards higher.

We pride ourselves on our exclusive, strong partnerships with our Producers in Italy, who range from well-established distilleries to some of the finest boutiques.  This unique partnership allows us to have frequent communication focusing on continual improvement of our products and packaging with an attractive price point, maintaining a high-quality product. 

Through our prominent distributors throughout the country, we supply our versatile products to restaurants ranging from those offering the finest cuisine to the local, family owned place just around the corner.  Our products are also available in retail stores, sole proprietors, and chains, around the country. Whether you are hosting a dinner party in your home or you’re a restaurateur wanting to offer the best to your customers, we have the perfect wine or spirit for you. 

Our History

Francoli USA was established in 1999 by Alessandro Francoli and Nicola A. Anguili as part of an international group of businesses under Francoli S.P.A, which has been in operation for 50 years.  They began Francoli USA with a vision of becoming the leading importer and supplier in the US of fine Italian wine and spirits. This journey began with a handful of products in a local market.


Today, Francoli USA proudly has a broad portfolio of products in its exquisite portfolio available in most major markets through the country. The mission to provide the highest quality, Italian products in all 50 states by 2019 continues to drive daily efforts.   We continue to experience steady growth as we establish new distributor partnerships while entering new states and we continue to work closely with Producers in Italy to ensure the best quality. 

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