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Appellation: Piedmont
Producer: Grappi
Varietal: Moscato d’Asti Grappa
Alcohol: 35%
Distillation Tank: Copper
Aging Tank: Stainless Steel
Length of Aging Before Bottling: Over 14 months

Grappi Chamomile Grappa


Chamomile Grappa is made of chamomile blossoms that are grown in the foothill of the Piedmont Alps. The blossoms are picked when fully ripe, sundried, and infused with grappa and sweetened with honey from the valley. The chamomile is one of the most renowned medicinal herbs.

Tasting Notes

Chamomile Grappa has an intense floral nose with hints of honey, lavender, citrus, and green tea.

Tasting Notes

It has digestive and calming qualities and blends well with vodka for martinis before or after dinner.


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