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Luigi Francoli

About The Winery

1875 in Campodolcino: The Francoli Family enters into the world of distillation

1922: The Distillery moved from Campodolcino to Ghemme, Piedmont

1951: Luigi Francoli carried out the existing Francoli foundation, along with his four brothers to establish what we know today as The Official Francoli Distillery, still located in the same area in Ghemme


A Zero Impact Distillery

Luigi Francoli Grappa is made at the first zero impact distillery. The heat sources used in the distillation process are obtained from combustion plant fuels that provide a neutral budge of carbon dioxide. Any carbon dioxide emissions due to the company’s business activities are compensated by reforestation. The carbon dioxide absorbed by the growing trees makes up for the amount emitted by the company.

Thanks to the drying of the pomace, there is no waste in the distillation process. The dried pomace is used as fuel to produce the water vapor necessary for distillation as well as heating the company facilities.

The use of pomace as fuel creates the emission of fumes into the atmosphere. These emissions, in addition to being of plant origin and thus, less pollutant, have been minimized through the use of an electro filter. The Francoli Distillery’s emissions come in significantly below the limits imposed by law.

A cascading water system is used to ensure that no water is wasted during the distillation process. The water is heated into vapor and then cooled back to liquid in order to be recycled.

The Francoli Distillery is always working towards energy efficiency.