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Wine Description:
Wine Description
Wine Description
Wine Description
Wine Description
Wine Description
Wine Description 
A beautiful bright glowing amber color with the perfume of herbs, bitter orange, vanilla, gentian, cinchona, and rhubarb. Sweet and full bodied with a pleasant aftertaste of Artemisia.
This Dry Vermouth has sweet coriander aromas with citrus fruits and hints of juniper, elderberry flower, and rosemary. Has a lower PH level than other vermouth to allow the flavors to come out and be enjoyed to the fullest.
Full and complex with layers of wild berries, cedar, and vanilla. Velvety, elegant, and extremely well balanced.
This elegant Primitivo has a rich yet elegant scent of fresh blackberries with a hint of spicy currant. The tannins are very soft, and there is no oak influence.
The appeal, seduction and quintessence of pure femininity… Cavalli vodka is all this. “I want to have fun whatever i do: everything must bring me joy, enthusiasm, life...” -Roberto Cavalli
Full to medium body offering hints of cherries, mulberries, and dark chocolate notes. There is a hint of light spices on the palate and has very fine tannins. 
There are flavors of black cherry with slight violets and peppery notes. It is rich and full on the palate. Poggio Basso in Italian means “the lower part of the hill”. It refers to where most vineyards are grown in Tuscany.
Luminous ruby red color with an intense elegant and fruity nose of blueberry, hibiscus, and sage. The mouthfeel is smooth with a nutty almond finish.
The color is a vibrant cherry red, with a bouquet of rich cherry, raspberry, and candy bonbons, on the palate, there is plenty of red fruit with a hint of basil.
Vibrant golden straw in color, this ample bouquet opens with enticing scents of tropical fruit, peach blossoms and jasmine recalling sensations of an early summer’s stroll through the Salento countryside.
Rich ruby red color with an elegantly spicy and fruity nose of red fruit, currants, and sage. The palate is warm and velvety, with a slight astringent finish.
Bouquet: Raisin bread, figs, a slight nuttiness, and baking spices. On the Palette: Vanilla, anise, mint, and a blend of floral and spice. Medium finish and a lingering softness.
Ripe fruit including blackberry and raspberry with spices. It has a gently tannic tea- leaf finish. The tannins are firm and the wine has a structured acidity good for aging.
Intense raspberry and red to purple flower aromas, with some bright cherry. It lays full, but mild on the palate with a sweet, floral finish.
Nottola Anterivo has a rich aromatic spectrum with delicious creamy notes of vanilla, rich dark red fruit, and sweet spices. Tobacco, mineral, and blackberries are embracing. It is round and soft on the palate. There is a persistent full-bodied finish.
On the Palette: Smooth and balanced within its own structure. Apricot, lemon, dried fruits, and a bright earthiness. Because of the tobacco notes, it is the perfect grappa to pair with a cigar. It finishes with length and heat.
On the Palette: Mushrooms, raisins, black berries, and fine dark chocolate. Perfectly balanced with a very elegant finish.
Wine Description One of the world’s great fortified wines made in Marsala in the western part of Sicily.
Clear, straw yellow and bright with a fresh fruit nose and hints of green apple. Citrus notes as well as a creamy nuttiness. Bright acidity. 
Rich chocolate fragrance, with an alcoholic scent of Grappa. Full bodied, fondant, persistent aftertaste.
Chamomile Grappa has an intense floral nose with hints of honey, lavender, citrus, and green tea.
Brunello di Montalcino is one of the reigning kings of all the Italian wines. It is made of 100% Sangiovese Grosso grapes grown on the hillsides of Montalcino in Tuscany.
Pinot Grigio is a grape of French origin, where it is known as Pinot Gris. At first, the French attempted to plant the Pinot Gris in very cold Piedmont before moving to the Veneto. I Masoletti is the true expression of Pinot Grigio. It has an excellently balanced acidity.
Wine Description One of the world’s great fortified wines made in Marsala located in the western part of Si
Lemon in Limoncello is created from natural spirits mixed with a grand infusion of several varieties of lemons, mostl