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Region: Piedmont
Producer: Francoli SPA
Varietal: 70% Amalfi Coast, 30% Island of Sicily Lemons
Alcohol: 40%
Distillation Tank: Copper
Aging Tank: Stainless Steel
Length of Aging Before Bottling: Over 7 months

Lemon In Limoncello

Lemon in Limoncello is created from natural spirits mixed with a grand infusion of several varieties of lemons, mostly grown on the Amalfi Coast. Amalfi lemons bring floral characteristics, Sicilian lemons are added to bring additional citrus characteristics. The two offer a perfect blend of floral and citrus to balance the flavor.

Known for its remarkable digestive qualities, Lemon in Limoncello is traditionally served following a meal and is always a great addition to pre-meal cocktails


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